Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Great Cleansing of 2011

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am fascinated by minimalism.  I began reading more about it again on  Friday, and realized I have gone way off path from my original goal since I moved into my apartment (which is fabulous, btw).

While I know my goals of decorating wont be achieved for quite a while, I think it's time to take stock and get rid of some stuff, starting tomorrow.

Obviously, there are somethings with too much sentimental value for me to let go of: the hiking stick my favorite uncle made me, the bronze & glass hourglass I inherited from my grand mother, and a tea set my grandfather brought back from when he was stationed over seas many decades ago, and the set of ruins my brother in law gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  I am pretty sure I will not let any of those things go any time soon.

I think my goal for tomorrow will be simple: narrow my wardrobe down.  10 tops, 10 bottoms.  Any panties or socks that are falling apart get thrown out.  Hopefully this process will keep me from having to buy new socks, because as of now, I can only find about 3 matching pairs on any given laundry day.  I have a surplus of clothes I loathe, don't fit (both ways), or I just never wear.  Just this act will clean out my one messy disorganized room which is literally covered in clothes and other laundry right now.

I learned while doing my tree project (tutorial to come) that projectors are freaking awesome.  I plan to eventually get rid of my television all together once I can afford a decent projector.  I have the perfect space to project onto, a large blank white area above my fireplace.  So there is a perfect reason to get rid of my extra monitor, television, and television stand.  3 largeish items gone.

I have a lot of knick-knack type things around that hold no sentimental value whatsoever.  Some of them are art projects that I swear I'm going to get back around to, and never do.  They're just clutter.  As of tomorrow, GONE.

Next are the stuffed animals.  I only have a couple that I anthropomorphize too much, and will have a hard time with.  One is a pig that I've had forever, and the other is the Swedish Chef.  I have a series of dinosaurs with small bodies and big heads that an ex-boyfriend bought me.  I have finally decided they can go.  It's hard to accept they're just stuffing and material and plastic.

At some point I need to purchase a smaller external hard drive.  The one I have is only 500gig, but it's old.  And large.  Gigantically large.  I need something that easily fits in a coat pocket.  That's for a future day though.

Well, that's all for now.  We shall see if I go through with this cleansing tomorrow!


  1. *applauds wildly* We have started the Big Purge too, having finally set the goal of moving up north within a couple of years and not wanting to haul a bunch of stuff with us. Getting rid of stuff is very satisfying.

    Also, I have my own blog now. Check it out!

  2. Sweet :-) I will follow you