Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why do I only update when bad things are going on?

I realized recently that I only seem to update here when things are bad. Perhaps this is because writing here is an outlet for me, but it seems unfair to the two people who read my blog. :-)

Everything is pretty good lately. Started playing D&D again with some new & old friends. It seems to be a good mix of people, and I'm starting to actually enjoy it and know how to play.

John & I are DEFINITELY going to Dragon*Con now. Woohoo! Gonna start working on a Dalek costume this weekend... much like this girl's: link
We'll be staying in the Marriott, so I will most likely have to put together a survival kit for the elevator trips if we're on a higher floor. (for those that don't understand this: elevators in the Marriott and Hyatt at Dragon*Con are the most crowded ridiculous things on earth - it can take up to 30 minutes to get one sometimes... and then you question whether or not it's over capacity - dangerous stuff!) I will definitely post pictures here after that weekend... ok, after I recover from that weekend.