Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time for new resolutions

Today I went to see The Social Network.  When I first saw the previews for it, several months ago, I thought there is no way in hell I will ever see this movie.  Well, then the reviews came out, and then I got bored, so... yeah.  Great film.  They didn't sugar coat the facebook king, or any of the other characters.  It was very well done.  I will actually go so far as to say it was inspiring.

Now, onto an update of my life.  Ups, downs, and current status.

Towards the end of September I ended a relationship that had lasted over a year and a half.  Not out of spite, or hate, or any amount of distrust - but out of a need for self discovery and self sufficiency.  The man I was with was, and is, a very good guy.  It was the single hardest thing I've ever gone through.

As luck would have it - a friend was subletting his apartment (as described in an earlier post).  So I had somewhere to move.  Fantastic.  I had thought my new Droid X's mobile hot spot had unlimited usage, so I had internet.  I was, however, mistaken.  Now I owe Verizon somewhere in the $800 range.  I tried to get a pardon, as their site displays data usage of that type very poorly, but no dice.  Luckily, it is Verizon, and they have great customer service, so I've worked out a reimbursement plan with them.

I've had moments of doubt, of sadness, feeling that perhaps I can't make it on my own.  That I would become another late twenty something living with their parents indefinitely.  And then I began looking around me.  Opening my eyes.  I am not alone.  I am not the only one in my age range going through this nightmare.  My mother actually acknowledged the fact that our generation has it harder than hers.  By a lot.  When my parents were young the future looked bright.  America was a superpower.  Sure, there were issues, and peace rallies, and poorly fought occupancies like Vietnam, but they still knew they would be able to find jobs, get married, raise a family, and retire at a reasonable age.

We can't do that... and we have to quit whining about that fact, and accept it.  No one, on either side of the aisle, is going to fix the economy before we're all too old for it to matter.  Accept that finding a job is hard.  I am thankful every day for the fact I have a job at all, especially a job I love.  Accept that we live in a society where your skills will expire.  If you work in any industry related to technology (which is most now), that technology will advance and change quickly, and you must advance and change as well.

In our parents generation if you didn't improve your skills, you simply stayed at the same job level.  In todays world, if you don't improve your skills, your job will eventually no longer be needed, as those with better skills will program you out of necessity.

Any person of my generation who believes that their career is exempt from this is a fool.  Everything is affected by newer tech - not just IT companies.  From farming to health care.

It's not longer keep up or get left behind, it's keep up or get in line for unemployment.

...this was not the blog entry I had intended to write at ALL.

I wanted to share my resolutions for 2011.

First, the big ones:

  1. Beat Pre-diabetes.  If I lose weight in the process, great, but that's not what I'm going for.  Every time I go home I see my diabetic Grandma more and more disabled.   Less and less able to move her fingers, because they're so swollen from being so diabetic.  I don't want to become that.
  2. Learn Java.  Big time.  I've gotten pretty adept with CSS over the last couple months, I'd like to add an OOP to my skill set.  Now that I'm about to have a more stable life (signing a 12 month lease on Tuesday) I think I will actually be able to focus enough to be successful at this.
  3. Have my apartment decorated the exact way I want by the middle of the year.  Hopefully the money I save from cooking at home can go towards this.
  4. Get some of my debt paid off.  Set up a payment plan with Credibility (formerly CCCS) in the first quarter of the year.
Now the smaller ones:
  1. Learn to play the ukulele.
  2. Get back into photography using models.  Like, the living breathing human type, not plastic air planes or something.
  3. Move my dog, Edward, in with me.
  4. Quit biting my nails (cuticles, fingers, etc).  Especially in public... >_<
  5. Expand my cooking abilities

Well, I'm bored of writing now.

Till next time... :-P