Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ok, I know it's lame, but I LOVE snow. It's so pretty, and in Georgia so rarely, I had to get up early this morning and take some new pics:
Heart Leaf
Snowday HDR

Feel free to use with your Valentines ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why do I seem to be the only one who has noticed this? OR Star Trek comes true

Ok, between the iPad (Star Trek invention) and the rumored Google Translator, I am pretty sure all of my geeky dreams are coming true.

So why am I the only one I know that thinks this is awesome? :-(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chick Flicks

This afternoon I was watching the latest episode of Private Practice on my DVR. Part of this episode was about a parent of conjoined twins, who had to make a decision for one to live and one to die when they were already eight years old. While watching this I was putting together an awesome bookshelf I bought from Ikea), so I wasn't really paying too much attention to what was going on. However, when I took a minute to glance at what was happening on the screen, and acknowledged the situation this family was in, I began to cry.

Now - men do not understand this. Why?, they ask themselves, Why would you want to watch something that makes you anything other than happy?

Well, men of the internets, I am here to explain. I would like to preface this by telling you that I cannot speak for all women, but I can at least explain my inner psyche and why I enjoy watching emotionally charged movies and television.
Imagine your life is going poorly. You’ve been dumped, you just got fired, or possibly lost a lot of money in some venture. Life is hard. When choosing cinematic therapy, most men usually choose a comedy or action flick, while women go for the depressing chick flick. Yes, the chick movie often has a happy ending, but ordinarily it winds and turns through many depressing emotions to arrive there. Often times we choose movies that aren’t necessarily “chick flicks”, but are generally pretty depressing (for example, this movie).

The logic for the male makes immediate sense. You are sad. You want to be happy. Comedy = Happiness. Things blowing up = adrenaline, adrenaline = excitement, excitement = happiness. These are all very simple, straightforward logical deductions.

For me though, as a woman, seeing how bad it could be causes my life to seem amazing, and forces me to think of how fantastic I really have it. For example, today I had a rough day. My significant other and I got into a pretty good argument, I attempted to paint the spare bed room and realized I have no paint brushes for cutting in, and then it looked like the SO left to a super bowl party with my car keys in his pocket (on accident, this was way post argument). The day wasn’t horrible, but just wasn’t going well. Then, I saw that family, on Private Practice, having to choose between letting one of their children die, or both. I know that this isn’t a real situation. I know it’s fictional – but I’m not so naive as to think that the situation displayed hasn’t happened to some family, somewhere. My problems were petty and ridiculous compared to them, and while I did cry, I rejoiced in the fact that I was sitting there, building a cheap book shelf, in a beautiful house, living in mostly harmony with the man I love.

So while men may judge me (or all women) as being pathetic for liking our stupid emotional films, just remember that “chick flicks” are what make us remember to be thankful for the blessings we do have in life, including our brothers, fathers, friends, and significant others.

Now, my bizarre dishwasher has played it’s little song, signaling that it is done doing the job it was designed for, so I’m going to get off my fully functional, but, and take my fully functional arms into the kitchen and put away dishes, since I can’t go anywhere because I have no car keys…

…and that’s ok. :-)

New Internet Radio on the Block - Irreverent Radio

Some friends of mine have started up a new radio station. I listened to a bit of their first episode today, and I have to admit it's pretty good!

So please, check them out.