Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Life, The Universe, and Me.

Ok, I know I've never made a super personal post here before, but I see all of my friends doing it so, hey, why not. I've decided to ween myself off Facebook, so I will most likely post here more often in the future anyways.

Lets do things in a list!

- I'm thinking of going back to school and learning about Astro or Quantum Physics. I just can't get the universe and parallel universes out of my head.
- My birthday is coming up. My awesome boyfriend is taking us on a trip to a mystery location! I have a few clues about it: Ketchup, I can wear comfy shoes for walking - but not hiking, technically north of us, and in the Southeastern US.
- Eddie (my dog) came to live with us for a week. It ended up being ok, but she was so lonely we decided to send her back to my parents to continue to live with my dads dog AKA her best friend.
- I have found the wedding ring I want should I ever actually get married:

Ok that last one was found in the midst of writing this entry cause I got away from it for a while... END.

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