Monday, August 2, 2010

"Mac people"

I am done. I am done with this battle among my friends between Mac and PC. I am tired of the mac fanboys crying and whining because of the "Windows 7 was my idea" commercials. Windows has always had a task bar - they just changed the look of it to be icon based instead of little bars along the bottom. Get over it. The superiority complex these "friends" have developed is irritating, and quite frankly, I'm tired of it. I am tired of being treated as less of a person because I refuse to use Mac products. I do not, and will not defend PC except for on one point:

I would not have a job if not for Microsoft. Neither would thousands of programmers who make both desktop and web apps. The difference is, Mac users could set up a virtual XP machine to run Visual Studio, but PC users cannot as easily set up a VM of OSx - legally - to run a program like Aperture. Things like this are why people have begun to despise Macs. You can't program for the iPhone unless you use specific closed-source iPhone programming, and at that your app could be turned down because it doesn't meet Steve Jobs morals.

I guess the bottom line is simply this: I want is for my ultra Mac friends to quit shoving their religion down my throat. And don't pretend thats not exactly what it is.

I suppose the only way to escape this battle is to switch to Linux, and become one of the true open source elite.


  1. Nicole Majczan28/2/11 01:30

    Mac people were complaining about THOSE commercials? Fuck them! Fucking superiorist assholes . . . how about the year and a half we had to put up with of the "I'm a PC. And I'm a Mac." commercials in which they made PCs/PC users out to be big losers.

    Few things get me worked up like those commercials did. (Ok, I lie: I get worked up about a lot of things, but THIS is a recurring pet peeve of mine that gets regular tirades! :) )